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Backgammon Basics - Bear Off the Checkers

The final stage of a backgammon game is called the bear off (meaning you take your checkers off the board). Unfortunately, not all backgammon games finish off with a bear off. Most of these games played usually end in the cube being passed. But when the game gets to a bear off, the lead can sway back and forth and the value of the game doubles over and over.

Since the case is that you might win or lose more than one point during the bear off it is necessary for a backgammon player to know the ins and outs of this stage of the game. Like every other strategy game, the end game is where all the hard work and effort boils down to. Every backgammon player should be familiar with how to execute a good end game and win more points with just one single backgammon game.

There are only a few things you should keep in mind to execute a great end game and bear off your checkers to a clear victory. Just remember that there are a lot of different end game situations you will encounter and some of these guidelines may not apply to certain end games or bear off stages you'll encounter.

First principle every player should keep in mind about the end game is to keep a smooth distribution of backgammon checkers on the home board. The goal here is to maximize on all rolls you get during the bear off. Never waste any roll on unnecessary moves.

The essence of the backgammon race is more evident in the end game than all of the other stages of a backgammon game. Your opponent can capitalize on every wasted move you make and get ahead of you.

Next thing you should do is to bear off a backgammon checker if the opportunity comes. Talking about wasting moves during the bear off, there is no better way to waste a roll than to keep a checker on the board rather than to get it off the board.

In case you can't remove a checker from the board move the checkers farthest from the ace-point closer if you can. Just make sure you don't make any gaps or over stack a point farther from the ace-point. The idea is to be able to accommodate even the low rolls. Last thing you can do is to unload checkers from a point that has a huge stack on it.

The principles mentioned here will help you play the end game well and move you closer to victory.

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