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Backgammon Basics - The Blitz

The blitz is a backgammon strategy that is essentially a series of attacks on your opponent's checkers. It is an aggressive strategy and if well executed your opponent won't be able to do much. We'll cover the basics of the backgammon blitz, how to recognize a chance to pull it off, its objectives, and a bit of doubling strategy involved with it.

You can usually realize the opportunity to pull off a backgammon blitz at the very start of the game. Just a few rolls into the game you can already find a few signs that would lead to a backgammon blitz. A few things that may happen that you should spot are: split back men, both back men get hit, a point or two on the home board is made, the opponent fails to enter backgammon checkers, and you get a chance to send more of your opponent's backgammon checkers to the bar.

It is a misconception that a backgammon blitz should start off with a player rolling a lucky double. Though that may happen once in a while (and is a pretty convenient way to start a blitz), a great blitz can also begin with just one home board point. As long as a few conditions exist to start a blitz, then go for it.

The objective of the backgammon blitz is very simple, that is to send enough opposing backgammon checkers to the bar and contain them on your home board or the bar by making all home board points and bring your other checkers to home.

The big draw back about the backgammon blitz is that it commits you one way. Once you start, there's not turning back. If you do, you risk having your increase the chances of you losing the game. Of course, to get to the main objective, every strategy must work out minor objectives as well.

Minor objectives of this strategy include making home board points to help close out any opposing backgammon checker, bring down builders to make more home board points (eventually closing out the board), and hit as many of your opponent's checkers as you can.

Bringing builders down is a crucial factor to consider, and one you should never miss doing. These checkers will come from your mid-point.

The last question is when do we offer to double? The answer is simple, when you have made at least three home board points and your opponent fails to enter from the bar. Any time sooner or later will end up with the double being passed or prematurely taken.

These are the basics of the blitz. A beginner should be able to handle these little details as they learn more backgammon strategies.

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