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Backgammon Books for Beginners

Backgammon is a board game that is commonly played in casinos and other gambling facilities all over the world. A lot of people are interested in learning how to play backgammon that's why several backgammon professionals have written and published books about such casino game. There are backgammon books for professional players and definitely, there are also backgammon books for amateurs. For beginners, we recommend the following books that are guaranteed to inspire them more in learning about backgammon and in improving their skills.

"The Backgammon Book," by Oswald Jacoby and John R. Crawford focuses on the popularity of the game in the 1970s. Nevertheless, we still encourage the new generation of backgammon players to read this book. What makes this book a must-read is the fact that backgammon strategies and statistics are explained in simple words. It can be easily understood by beginners. Authors Jacoby and Crawford have both participated in several international backgammon championships.

If "The Backgammon Book" highlights the game of backgammon in the 1970s, the book "Backgammon for Winners," by Bill Robertie discusses basic information on backgammon with a modern perspective. The way author and professional backgammon player Robertie wrote the book is convenient for beginners as Robertie explains how to set up a board, how to move blots, and how to play offensively. Robertie has written other backgammon books including "Backgammon for Serious Players: Tips From the World's Best Player," "Modern Backgammon," "501 Essential Backgammon Problems," "Advanced Backgammon: Positional Play" and "Lee Genud vs. Joe Dwek: The 1981 World Championship of Backgammon."

Beginners are also recommended to read "The Amazing book of Backgammon," by Jon Termaine. This backgammon book features colored diagrams which make reading even more interesting. In spite of being written mainly for beginners, intermediate and advanced players may also find this backgammon book interesting. Players are taught several opening moves and several ways of responding to such opening moves. Author Tremaine is an experienced teacher of backgammon, which is why we guarantee that beginners will definitely learn a lot from this book.

Authors and backgammon players Barclay Cooke and Jon Bradshaw have written the book "Backgammon, the Cruelest Game: The Art of Winning" specifically for beginners. But just like other introductory books, both professional and amateur players are expected to find "Backgammon, the Cruelest Game: The Art of Winning" an interesting backgammon book. Some of the chapter titles featured in this book are "Basic Odds and Probabilities," "The Tactics of the Game," "Three Great Games" and "The Psychology of the Game." This book has been a must-read since the 1970s.

Aside from "The Backgammon Book" and the "Backgammon, the Cruelest Game: The Art of Winning," the book "Backgammon for Blood!," by Bruce Becker has also been a popular book since the 1970s. Criticisms about this book are also a reason why this book is popular. Author Becker intended this book to be read by experienced backgammon players. However, it has been a favorite of beginners because of the concise way this book was written.

These are only some of the introductory backgammon books that we recommend. These are guaranteed to help beginners understand the game of backgammon.

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