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Backgammon Books for Intermediate Players

Backgammon is one of the games played in casinos worldwide. Several backgammon professionals have been writing and publishing books about this game in order to help other players improve their backgammon skills. Some authors write books to inspire beginners, while some write books to inspire intermediate players more in enhancing their play. There are actually several backgammon books that we recommend intermediate backgammon players.

The aim of author Joe Dwek in writing the book "Backgammon for Profit" is to assist backgammon players in sharpening and broadening their game. In this backgammon book, a series of problems encountered by backgammon players are answered extensively by Dwek. Dwek made sure that he was able to cover pertinent aspects of backgammon in this book. He even used diagrams and simple words to ensure that readers will understand the entire content of the book. Dwek is a professional backgammon player who has participated in tournaments in both the United States and Great Britain.

Another backgammon book for intermediate players is titled "Starting Out in Backgammon," by Paul Lamford. This book emphasizes that although a player needs to be highly skillful to succeed in playing backgammon, nevertheless, a large element of luck still forms part of it. "Starting Out in Backgammon" is said to be a book recommended for all ages. Lamford is not only an author of backgammon books but he was also a backgammon champion in Great Britain in 1993. Up until now, he ranks as the number one backgammon player in Great Britain.

The book "501 Essential Backgammon Problems," by Bill Robertie features thirty one chapters that include "The Middle Game," "One Man Back" and "Post-Blitz Turnaround Games." Different backgammon situations and strategies are discussed and are expected to enhance the skills of intermediate players. Aside from being an author, Robertie is also a champion backgammon player. He has written several backgammon books, including "Advanced Backgammon," "Backgammon for Serious Players" and "Modern Backgammon."

Backgammon author, theoretician, analyst and player Walter Trice has written the book "Backgammon Boot Camp" for intermediate backgammon players. This backgammon book covers a wide range of topics related to such casino game. Trice extensively explains the concepts involved in playing backgammon, starting from the most fundamental concepts to the most advanced ones. Trice is also the co-author of the book "Can a Fish Taste Twice as Good? Doubling in an Unequal Backgammon Match."

Last but not the least is the backgammon book "Backgammon," by Paul Magriel. Magriel did not use technical words in writing this book, which makes it convenient to read. It features a glossary, diagrams, and tables that are expected to help intermediate players better understand the game of backgammon.

We recommend intermediate backgammon players to read this book if they are determined to improve their skills.

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