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The Rules in Playing Backgammon

Gambling is increasingly becoming popular in most nations. The development of advanced technologies such as the Internet led to the prominence of gambling. The launch of online gambling led to the improving interest of adolescents in playing the different forms of gambling such as sports betting and other games including poker, blackjack and backgammon.

Backgammon requires two players playing against each other. It is a board game wherein the moves of players depend on the roll of dice. This game is not just a game of chance but also a game that requires skills. The objective of the game is to remove one's pieces or pegs from the board. The first player to do so will be declared the winner.

Due to the popularity of backgammon, computer experts developed software which has the ability to defeat professional backgammon experts. In order to increase winnings in playing backgammon, it is important that an amateur player know the rules of backgammon.

The game starts with dice rolls made by the players. The player who obtains a higher number is the first to move using the numbers that appeared in the die. Backgammon requires strategies in order to block the way of a player's opponent.

When a player moves, it is possible to land to a place occupied by the checker of the opponent. This incident is called a blot and automatically the player's checker will be placed in the middle of the board. The pieces placed in the middle of the board can re-enter the game if the player obtain a roll of two or three.

Bearing off refers to the action wherein a players starts removing all the checkers in the home board. A player losses a gammon if the opponent was able to borne off all 15 checkers while the player was unable to borne off any checker. Losing a gammon is risky because it counts double for a player's normal loss.

A backgammon is lost if the player on the losing end failed to remove his checkers in the middle of the board or in the board of the opponent. A backgammon counts triple for a player's normal loss.

It is important that a player in backgammon knows strategies and tactics to remove one's checkers on the board. There are several techniques that can drive players to increase one's chances of winnings. Backgammon is more of a mental game than a game of chance. Hence, it is better that a player is equipped with knowledge about the rules and strategies before playing the game.

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